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Introducing Beneffrey Consulting, the boutique procurement consultancy designed to revolutionise your procurement practices. Led by a highly skilled and experienced procurement expert, we offer personalised solutions tailored to your organisation's unique needs. With our dedicated focus and commitment to excellence, we deliver outstanding results that drive efficiency, optimise costs, and enhance strategic outcomes.

Unmatched Expertise, Unparalleled Results:  At Beneffrey Consulting, our consultant brings a wealth of industry knowledge, market insights, and a track record of success to the table. With extensive experience in procurement best practices, strategic sourcing, and supplier management, we possess the expertise to guide your organisation towards procurement excellence. Our customised approach ensures that each solution is specifically designed to align with your goals, challenges, and industry dynamics.

Maximising Value, Unlocking Savings:  Our consultant will work closely with your team to identify cost-saving opportunities and streamline procurement processes. By analysing your procurement workflows, we will identify inefficiencies and implement strategies to optimise performance. With our expertise in negotiation and supplier relationship management, we will help you achieve the best value from your supplier partnerships, ultimately enhancing your bottom line.

Mitigating Risks, Ensuring Compliance:  Navigating the complexities of procurement regulations and mitigating risks are paramount in today's business environment. Our consultant will conduct comprehensive risk assessments, develop robust mitigation strategies, and establish effective contract management practices. By prioritising compliance, we safeguard your organisation's reputation and financial stability, while ensuring that your procurement processes adhere to industry standards.

Empowering Your Team, Fostering Growth:  At Beneffrey Consulting, we believe in building internal capabilities for sustainable success. Our consultant provides hands-on training, coaching, and mentoring to empower your procurement team. By transferring our expertise, we help your team develop the skills and knowledge needed to independently execute effective procurement strategies, fostering long-term growth and excellence.

Engaging Stakeholders, Enhancing Reputation:  Effective stakeholder engagement and transparent communication are vital for success. Beneffrey Consulting will guide you in crafting communication strategies that enhance transparency, build trust, and engage stakeholders. We will help you align your procurement practices with your organisation's values, reinforcing your commitment to responsible and ethical procurement.

With Beneffrey Consulting, you gain access to unparalleled expertise, personalised solutions, and a commitment to procurement excellence. Our dedicated consultant will partner with you to optimise costs, mitigate risks, and maximise value. Trust us to guide your organisation towards sustainable success in procurement, while enhancing your reputation and stakeholder relationships. Experience the difference of Beneffrey Consulting and unlock your procurement potential today.

IAIN C. STEEL, Director of Procurement & Business Transformation

Iain is an award-winning technical procurement specialist with over 27 years’ experience covering both buyer and bidder sides of the procurement process.  He has extensive experience of leading and managing complex, multi-£billion procurement projects, helping clients to undertake procurement exercises that are commercially minded and attractive to bidder organisations, whilst managing procurement risk exposure. 

Iain has consulted on a wide range of high-profile audits of public procurements and uses this expertise to help clients to identify challenge risk areas and address them early in the procurement process. 

Prior to establishing Beneffrey Consulting as an independent boutique procurement consultancy, Iain has previously led the strategic and operational functions of several high profile private and public sector organisations to CPO level, developing a proven track record of compliance, risk mitigation, cost savings and bid management.

Most recently from 2019-2023, Iain was Chief Procurement Services Officer at TLT LLP law firm where he established and managed a technical procurement practice area as a compliment to TLT’s existing Procurement Law practice working collaboratively with multi-disciplinary internal and external teams on some of the UK’s highest value and most complex procurement projects.  At TLT, Iain supported the TLT Litigation practice area to conduct technical reviews of a wide range of hard and soft procurement challenges during litigation and pre-litigation.

Public Sector:  Iain has substantial experience of public procurement at all levels, having advised on large scale projects across a number of sectors, including; civil nuclear, decommissioning, infrastructure, ICT, transport, education, healthcare, professional services and international aid. 

Private Sector:  Iain has led the strategic procurement functions of some of the largest and most recognisable brands internationally.  During this time he developed extensive expertise of high-risk, high-value projects across a large range of sectors internationally, including; financial services, retail, defence, logistics, marketing, social care, wealth management, ICT utilities and publishing.

  • Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (FCIPS)
  • Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) (FCILT)
  • Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI)